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I solve problems using code!

My name is Marcelo L. Lotufo. I am a developer and I work at Lotuz. I started progamming when I was 15 years old, trying to create maps in Warcraft 3 and games in Flash. Now I use my computer science knowledge to create solutions for my clients.

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During college years I went to a class named "Game Theory" that was actually about game design for both board and video games. The final assignment was to create a game. It did not matter if it was made using code or paper, but you would have to showcase it on the last day to everyone on class.

So, as the average crazy student of computer science I decided to program it all alone. From the ground up, that included game logic, rendering, ""physics"", controls aaaaand a mod API. I asked some friends for help with graphics and music.

Quad tree view

I was determined to make the game easy to mod. Why I focused so much on a mod api before even having a game is mystery to me since then.

I spent much of my spare time during months to create the first playable version. I programmed everything using keyboard keys, but to showcase the game I used some software to remap xbox controllers buttons to keyboard keys, so the game could be played. (At the time it was faster than giving support for controllers in a browser)

At the beginning all the code was open source at github, I had a GDD and all, but time passed I converted the game to typescript and closed the game source (my greed self was responsible for this)

The current version can be found here

I still plan in one day finishing the game by adding multiplayer over WebSockets or WebRTC dataChannels, but only time will tell if I am going to be able to finish it.

Game concept

The idea of the game was to be a highly customizable browser based game inspired by games such as Liero and Worms.


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