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My name is Marcelo L. Lotufo. I am a developer and I work at Lotuz. I started progamming when I was 15 years old, trying to create maps in Warcraft 3 and games in Flash. Now I use my computer science knowledge to create solutions for my clients.

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Note taking


The other day I saw a talk in an online meetup about taking notes, and although I have written my notes for years on those notebooks from the picture, I've never even thought about compiling it into a better version.

All that knowledge sitting on my drawers without a way to access it, probably a lot of stuff that I don't even remember anymore.

As explained in the talk, the note taking method explained, classifies notes as:

  • Fleeting notes, that could be explained as a very very short note just for remembering later some nice idea
  • Literature notes are a more than just a few words, but are not yet ready for be kept permanently. You still have to review it and condense into a better format.
  • Permanent notes, these are compilations of things that you deem worth to remember and help to map what you learned.

I wonder how this note taking method relates to mind maps.

During the talk some tools were suggested for writing the notes, but for some reason my thought was "I believe I could just write some text files and call it a day, no need for online synchronization"

My plan is to use the tools that I am already familiar and find a good way to ease the usage, so:

  • nvim for writing the notes
  • Using markdown for some extra elements (images, tables, etc)
  • nvim + fzf for fetching notes and tags

The only thing that concerns me a little is taking notes directly into the computer might be too noisy and distracting for a meeting (in person or online), so I will probably keep using my notebooks for fast notes and only use the above setup for compiling it down into a knowledge base.

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