Welcome to my portfolio!

I solve problems using code!

My name is Marcelo L. Lotufo. I am a developer and I work at Lotuz. I started progamming when I was 15 years old, trying to create maps in Warcraft 3 and games in Flash. Now I use my computer science knowledge to create solutions for my clients.

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Hello World!


let n = 3

Hi... I guess.

This is the ${n}th time that I try to create a blog; n++ But THIS time it will be different, THIS time the blog will flourish!

There are two main reasons why I am using my necromacer magic to resurect this old blog.

// first thing

ONE! I like sharing and this should be a great way to teach others how to write aaaand maintain good comments on their code.

// Third reason

TWO! A blog / porftfolio is a great way to show others what I am capable of developing, and then people might make contact with proposals to exchange green paper for my time.

Hope you enjoy my craft and my words!

Do you have questions? Just wanna chat? Send me a DM or tag @marcel0ll on twitter!