I am the one that will deliver your software

My name is Marcelo L. Lotufo, I have a degree in Computer Sciences from UFSCar (2018) and I have been developing web apps since 2012. I have worked in plenty of apps for different fields: web conference apps, chatbot platform, games, general web systems and pages.

Nowadays I am ahead of Lotuz , a software development agency for the web with international clientes, where we use agile methodology to deliver software quickly, on point and with quality.

Git course


Tomorrow I am going to be online on a stream teaching git with Opensanca, but I will use a different route to teach it than usual. I won't teach just some basic commands like, git add, git commit, git push and git pull, give you a certificate, and hope that you don't screw things over.

My plan is to go a little deeper than that and teach what IS a commit, how does git tracks your branches, what actually happens when you rebase, etc...

I already wrote the material for the course, it is on Github, but for now, it is just in Portuguese, later I will translate it.

Hope you enjoyed, keep coding!